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BabyJb has Bieber Fever

e febra maaaaaaaaaaare, dom'le.:))
JSmith&Jay Bee; Here we go! Guess who? JSmith and Jb! I gotcha lil bro. I can handle him. Hold up, aight? I can ha
JSmith&Jay Bee
U smile.I smile.; Smile, baby.:*
U smile.I smile.
Justin rock's; \m/
Justin rock's
Justin canta.:x; =p~=p~=p~
Justin canta.:x
Smile, baby, smile:*; ranjetu' ala al lui.:x:x:D
Smile, baby, smile:*
BabyJb has Bieber Fever.; oo da.chiar am febra Bieber.:x:x:D
BabyJb has Bieber Fever.
Genial.:xsi scumpel:x; E pur si simplu genial.
Genial.:xsi scumpel:x
Justin Bieber Lover; asta sunt eu.Jb'Lover.:x:xsi da, recunosc.:Il iubesc pe Justin Bieber.:x
Justin Bieber Lover
Rihanna's kiss; pupicu' Rihannei.:xvreau si eu sa'l puuuuuuup:*:*:*:*
Rihanna's kiss
Era happy.:D; il pupa'se Rihanna.era in al 9'lea cer.:*>:D<
Era happy.:D

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xBiggestxBELIEBERx4Everx 12 January 2013  
*Yeaaaaa baby :*:*:*:*:* trb sa infintez un BELIEBERclub:D
LoveJB4ever 5 August 2010  
English pleasee:X
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