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poze noi Justin Bieber.;x
by BabyB; a fost greu.dar a meritat efortul.:)
by BabyB
U smile.:); by: BabyB
U smile.:)
My bby.;x; I love you Bieber!!!<3
My bby.;x
Jump Bieber.Jump!:*; il iubiricesc asa crazy cum e.;x;x
Jump Bieber.Jump!:*
Crazy in love; <3
Crazy in love
Justin and Jasmine; so cuteeee.:x
Justin and Jasmine
Justin in CSI; abia astept sa vaaad.:x
Justin in CSI
Look at me.And smile bby.; bby.;x;x;x
Look at me.And smile bby.
Fool me Bieber!; hihi.:">
Fool me Bieber!
Say that you miss me.<3; Tell me what I wanna hear: tell me you love me!
Say that you miss me.<3
Making of U smile; 'Cause bby, U smile I smile.:)
Making of U smile
Best new artist.; MTV VMA.;x;x;x
Best new artist.

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xBiggestxBELIEBERx4Everx 12 January 2013  
*<3 4 Ever A Belieber<3
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